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How can I order a balloon flight ticket ?

Contact us, by phone, on +32 (0)51 312 325 or fill out the form on this site. Together with you, we agree on a date and type of flight (morning or evening). If the weather is not good that day, we will agree together on a new date.
For our heli, please click on helicopter flights on the main menu. (site only in Dutch)

Possible as from 1 person.  If you book a full basket of 4,5,6,7,8, 9,10 passengers or more (more than 10 = several balloons) we love to come to your region or town to take off (if possible and allowed, and always with the land owner’s permission).  Are you a big group, then we’ll come with several balloons and make sure we have sufficient places and all permissions that are needed.

Take off sites:
Taking off is possible on each clean lawn of approximately 60 by 60m, without any obstacles.
Distri Europe Ballooning also knows some appropriate sites to start a balloon flight in Bruges, Ypres, Hulste, Izegem, Deerlijk, Waregem, Oostkamp, Gits, Kuurne, Roeselare, Heule, Ingelmunster, Ieper, Kemmel, Oudenaarde, Deinze, Moeskroen, Sint-Eloois-Vijve, Helkijn, Wortegem-Petegem, Poperinge, Kortrijk, Brugge, Reninge, Zwalm, etc…

The flight:
We give value for money! Our flights last for at least 1 hour (in the air).  With the preparation and putting away the balloon, this will take about 2 to 3 hours.  Ballooning is possible all year long, if it’s nice weather, but to avoid updraught (rising and descending winds), we only fly early in the morning or dusk.  We fly every day, if it’s nice weather; it’s busier during the weekend, so please book in time!  Of course, we uphold the traditions; after the flight we toast with real champagne and everybody receives a flight certificate and a little souvenir.  The followers also get a drink of course.  Breakfast flights at daybreak are one of the nicest flights, worth getting up early.  After the morning flight, we offer the whole company an appetizing breakfast.

For the passengers:
Please wear sporty clothes, appropriate for this time of the year and solid shoes or boots. (no high heels please).  Don’t forget your camera!  Don’t buy that nonsense… most of the time, it’s not colder in the sky than on the ground.  A hat or cap as a protection against the heat of the burner is recommended.

Landing site:
The exciting and charming aspect of ballooning is that you always know where you take off, but you never know where we will land.  The direction and speed depend on the wind; the pilot can only fly higher and lower by means of the burners.  So please make sure somebody is following our trailer-car in order to pick you up after landing.  In case this shouldn’t be possible, let us know, we’ll look for a solution.  During landing, we request our passengers and followers to respect the land and its owner (most of the time, this is a friendly farmer).

Ballooning: an unforgettable adventure for young and old.

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